Winged Victory Mercy | Photo: AFG_Media.Us


About the Artist

Shannon Noelle is a cosplayer and artist from the Philadelphia area who has always had a passion to create since childhood.  Starting her cosplay career in 2011, cosplay has been a way to portray some of her favorite characters and has helped build confidence both socially and in her crafting abilities. With an eye for every detail, each cosplay created has acted as a stepping stone towards learning and mastering new skills including but not limited to: sewing, LEDs, motors, foam armor, wig styling and much more. Shannon prides herself on being 100% self-taught through her journey with her very first cosplay being handmade. The things she looks forward to the most with each costume is the research that goes into planning the build and figuring out which technique or materials will be utilized to reach the end goal. 

Through cosplay, Shannon has been given countless opportunities to showcase her work. Multi-award winning and recognized locally for her attention to detail, Shannon has been honored to work with organizations for both competitions and guesting opportunities. Her most enjoyable experiences was working with the official Overwatch League in both 2019 and 2022 as a sponsored guest cosplayer at both Grand Finals in Philadelphia, PA and Anaheim, CA. 

She has also proven herself to be a competitor in craftsmanship competitions. Sitting at Master level, she has worked her way up the rankings ever since she caught the competition bug back in 2016. Even though she had entered competitions prior, her first major win went towards her Tracer cosplay from Overwatch. Since then, she focuses the most time and detail onto one major project a year, sometimes taking longer if the project is filled with intense detail. 

Philadelphia Fusion Widowmaker and Reaper (Xealzega) | Photo: Activision Blizzard/Overwatch League 

Shannon and Mike (Xealzega)

Everyday Life 

When Shannon is not working on cosplay, she enjoys utilizing her time working on her other hobbies and spending time with her significant other, Mike, her family, and her 2 dogs Daisy and Harley.

Back in 2018, Shannon took the dive into creating her own small business selling hand-made nerdy goods. Specializing in resin, she has produced hundreds of one of a kind pieces that are hand painted and detail oriented for everyone to enjoy. Noodle Crafts got it's name due to the nickname given to Shannon via her close friends and her love for noodles of all types, but especially ramen! When Shannon is not guesting at a convention, she will often be seen in the artist alley with Mike by her side selling keychains, buttons, pins, stickers, and more! Currently, you can find Noodle Crafts on Instagram at Noodle.Crafts or on Etsy at NoodleCraftsCos.  

Draugr Armor Eivor Cosplay vs. Character | Photo: Xealzega

Amaterasu (Okami) | Shannon Noelle 

Upcoming Events 

This list is for all upcoming conventions in 2024:

More Announced Soon!

Roxanne Wolf (FNAF) | Xealzega

Ways to Support 

Supporting your favorite artist is just one of the many ways to show appreciation for their hard work! Links to Shannon's Amazon Wishlist and Ko-fi are linked below if you would like to help with her next build! You can also support by visiting NoodleCraftsCos on Etsy or her Mercari where she occasionally posts older cosplays or accessories. 

All support is appreciated

Cindy FFXV | Photo: Xealzega